Here at Moule’s glass we want our customers to get the most out of there money. Inspecting your windows and doors at least annually is an important measure that will keep your windows in good condition and extend their longevity.  Good window maintenance enhance the security and appearance of your home, and can prolong the life of your homes windows. We are happy to share some tips on caring for your homes windows.With an investment of time today, you can protect the look of your home and windows against the ravages of the elements.

Checks for gaps around windows

Gaps allow air to come in and encourage loss of warm air from within. This reduces the energy efficiency of your home. Check for any gaps between the window casing and wall, use spray-form insulation or caulk to help with any gaps.

Check for moisture around windows

Look for signs of moisture such as warped window sills, bubbling paint, and mildew or mold.  These issues should be addressed immediately. Also check for signs of moisture in double or triple-pane windows. This may indicate that the seal has failed and has to be replaced.

Inspect wooden and metal window frames

Maintaining a good exterior paint seal is important window maintenance. Especially on older wooden windows. Check with Moule’s Glass or your windows manufacturer for recommended care procedures.

Weather stripping  window maintenance

Clean weather stripping from time to time to help prevent damage.Replace stripping if it comes loose, breaks, or bends.

Keep your windows clean

Wash vinyl- and aluminum-framed windows with a mild detergent and soft scrubbing brush. Moule’s Glass Cleaner helps leave your windows streak free and sparkling clean.

Protect your investment

Performing these window maintenance tips will help preserve your home’s beauty and function while saving you money at the same time. It is essential that you protect your home’s infrastructure by making sure your windows are in good shape. You will also enhance the energy efficiency of your home. If your current windows are beyond repair, investing in replacement vinyl windows today will insure many years of good performance. Like most things in life, regular window maintenance will go a long way. We care about our customers, and are here to help you enjoy long lasting windows!