Top Smart Home Upgrades of 2017

From doorbells to smoke detectors, technology is making today’s homes are smarter than ever. Integrated computer chips and wireless connectivity are transforming the way we interact with every aspect of our houses and making every appliance a part of the Internet of Things. Even better, most smart devices can be easily managed using your cell phone, making it easy to check in when you’re on the go.

While a fully-connected smart home may sound like a significant investment, there are plenty of easy, inexpensive ways to bring your house into the future. We’ve picked out some o the best of the bunch—read on to learn more!

  • Chromecast

    Starting at only $35, this entry-level TV streaming device from Google plugs into the HDMI port on your TV. Use your mobile phone as a remote control to stream apps, TV, movies, music and more, directly from your device to your television.

  • Philips Hue Wireless Dimming Kit

    This simple kit is an excellent way to introduce smart lighting to your home at an affordable price tag.

  • August Smart Lock, HomeKit-enabled

    Simple to install and use, this smart lock works with your existing deadbolt.

  • SkyBell HD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

    SkyBell offers superior video quality, plus integration with Alexa, Nest, and other popular programs, making it a rising star in a tight market. SkyBell even offers free online video storage, making it easy to create and maintain an online archive.

  • Nest Cam Indoor

    A solid, reliable indoor security camera from IOT superstar Nest, the Nest Cam is a real standout in the category. It is easy to install, features outstanding video quality, and comes complete with a fantastic, intuitive app.

  • Nest Protect Smoke Detector

    Proving that you can’t put a pricetag on safety, Nest’s Protect Smoke Detector is well worth the investment—it includes more features than any other commercially available smoke detector.

  • Floodlight Cam

    This motion-activated security camera is the only one on the market that features built-in floodlights. It features remote operation from your phone, and even includes two-way audio so you can hear and speak with anyone on your property, no matter where you are.

With minimal time or investment, any homeowner can add the power of connected devices to their house. A connected home adds more than instant equity—smart devices can help bring peace of mind.


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